Yeah, I'll put up something witty...

Yeah, I'll put up something witty...


Sunday afternoon

Welcome to Wild Ravings, a blog about us, Mark and Terry Smith, our life as artists, and our business…Wild Ravens. We love to cook, create, garden, re-purpose, hike, travel, read and play really fun games. We will share our adventures with you, and would love to hear about what makes your lives fun!

Mark and I just got back from seeing “Female of the Species’, a play directed and performed by (un)apologetic productions. What a great play. For anyone local, I highly recommend it. Though as self proclaimed ‘number one fan’ of (un)apologetic, I highly recommend ANYTHING that they produce! This play is a comedy, and everyone was wonderful!

Now I am back home doing some reading before we put some more thought into the business. I have been feeling very restless about our garment business. For quite awhile, I have been trying to figure out what I really wanted to do. Oddly I have also been feeling unsettled in my life, and I had decided to organize on every level, emotional, spiritual…you name it. So my answer? To go through my ‘stuff’, again, on all levels. I thought….what isn’t working? what’s dead weight or taking up air or head space? So I have been going through the closets and paperwork first.  We have filled four boxes of paperwork that we didn’t need (our filing cabinet breathed a heavy sigh). I have decided to do the same with our business w eare now discontinuing any designs that have been stagnant, and more will be added to that list soon.

Meanwhile, though, I am thinking of what I DO want to do……..and my ‘dream’ plan is multiple color designs, and some fun original clothing styles. I am just unsure of where to go next, what my action step should be. The first things, I guess, would be planning some designs, but more importantly, getting our conveyor dryer and press fixed up. A few years ago, we salvaged a conveyor dryer and the body of a multiple color screen printing press from a junk yard. I am a big fan of re-purposing whenever possible and I hope to make these two pieces of equipment work. They both need parts and to be cleaned up, but the price was right. Hopefully we can have them up and running by this spring. After that I need to find a seamstress (or seamster) interested in working out the ideas in my head. I would love to create a line of garments that can be worn alone or layered into something that’s totally boho fun!! I’ll try and get some pics of  these things up soon.

Another project for this year is to complete everything I have started: paintings, construction projects….all this chaff laying around, taking up space as currently unusable items. I also want to book more dance festival shows. I really enjoy them. The patrons are such an amazing family of people. I’ll keep you posted!


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