Yeah, I'll put up something witty...

Yeah, I'll put up something witty...


The Russian Concubine

I am reading an amazing book right now, The Russian Concubine by Kate Furnivall. Have you ever read a book, and somewhere into it, you knew it was going to break your heart? I have everything I can do NOT to go and read the end. Seriously. It is set in 1920′s China and its a love story of sorts…not my typical read. And I can’t put it down. I will finish it today, I am sure, despite the things I really need to be doing. Today, as I read, there was a quote I found that touched me very deeply….

If you want to know your future,

then look at yourself in the present,

for that is the cause of the future.


I will roll that one around in my head today.


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